The ladybird: A little black-red luck

General June 24, 2019 9:09 am

Two delicate feelers, a red robe and black dots: Well, do you have any idea what that could be? Yes, exactly – today it’s about another lucky charm, the ladybird. What the name is all about and what role great love plays in it, you’ll find out now.

The so-called seven-point ladybird is the best known of the 70 species in this country. He has probably crawled along your path before. That is because it is very widespread and has a high occurrence. In addition it is said, that the crawler, with his seven points – which is considered a mystical number – brings luck. This is the reason why it is also a popular motif for postcards or as a replica for your wallet. And probably you have already given away a chocolate beetle on a four-leaf clover for New Year’s Day. In addition to this classic red butterfly, there are also beetles with yellow and black cover wings whose number of points varies.

But do these beetles also bring luck? In order to answer this question we have to haul off a little and look at the mythology and naming of the god beetle.

The origin of (ladybug) luck

The belief in the luck bringing effect of the hexapod is rooted in religion. The name is referring to the Queen of Heaven herself: Mary. Even in other countries the name of the beetle refers to the Virgin. In Sweden it is called "Maria’s key maid" or in Germany "Marienkäfer".

Allegedly Mary and the six-feeters had a special relationship: they were her favourite animal. And so the mother of Jesus sent the animals to earth as a gift for the farmers. The beetles were supposed to protect them from crop failures. In fact, this tradition also has a verifiably true core. The small, almost inconspicuous little animals eat aphids and scale insects as well as their larvae. Therefore they are a natural fertilizer. This makes the ladybird a positive sign for the coming harvest today, as it was then.

In addition, the ladybird is never a danger to your plants. If the food becomes scarce, the innocent beetle becomes a cannibal: In great need the animals kill each other.

But be careful – should a six-legged animal ever fly into your arm and you kill it or just shake it off, then – according to popular belief – you will be afflicted by bad luck and misfortune. But between you and me, who can do anything to such a harmless looking crawler?

Another myth about the ladybird is especially popular in France. Here it is regarded as an oracle – better said, as a love oracle. According to popular belief, a man in France is about to be married when a ladybird takes a seat on him. In the case of women, the seconds the crawler lingers on her are said to be decisive. If, for example, it takes off after five seconds, then the wedding – the luck of love – follows after five years.

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