Pizza, wine and cornicello

General June 18, 2019 12:43 pm

In Italy, superstition is still widespread. According to the government’s "Office for Deception with Religion", more than 60 percent of Italians go to a magician or fortune teller at least once a year. But of course this visit is not enough to protect them from the evil forces. In the home country of pizza, they use the talisman called "cornicello". Just keep on reading and you can find out what this is all about.

The lucky charm, which is also called “corno”, croissant and lucky croissant, looks like a chilli pod. It comes in different sizes and materials. But before you order your lucky “corno” directly from the next online shop or even go to Italy – read on. For your "cornicello" to bring luck, it has to meet various requirements.

On the one hand, the shape and design is important: it should be pointed and both crooked and hollow. You fill the inside with salt – another active ingredient that allegedly exorcises demons and averts disaster. It is also important that your "corno" is handmade. This is the only way to transfer the positive influences of the person who made it to you – the bearer.

Who is afraid of the evil eye?

And now we tell you the most important criterion – and therefore hands off the online shop: Someone else has to give you the “cornicello”. This is the only way it unfolds its lucky effect and protects you against the evil eye, the “malocchio”.

That’s the biggest evil the “cornicello” shields you from. According to popular belief, the messengers of the “malocchio” are loners, with a pale face, bent noses and protruding, evil eyes.

If you meet the carrier, the "jettatore", then the "corno" protects you. And if you don’t have the talisman with you, you can also defend yourself with a gesture. For this you clench your hand to a fist and spread both your index finger and small finger. The “mano cornuta” protects you because it symbolizes that you wear horns.

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