Grandma’s incredible run of luck

General June 14, 2019 6:44 am

We have already introduced you some well-known but also curious lucky charms in our new series. Probably this grandma from the USA had a very personal and above all effective lucky charm by her side when one evening she was dusting off an unbelievable prize. Now you are curious and want to know how?

Are you familiar with Craps? I’m sure you’ve played it at Wunderino before. If not, Craps is a dice game in which every player, also called shooter, bets against the casino. For example, you bet on "pass" or "don’t pass". If the two dice on the first roll are a 7 or 11, you win with "pass". If you roll a 2, 3 or 12 (the so-called "Craps"), you win with "don’t pass". In all other cases, the dice must be rolled again. So much for that…

Craps is less well known in Germany but in the USA it is one of the most popular casino games ever. These tables are always very hot and noisy. No wonder that one evening Patricia Demauro, an elderly lady, had lost her way to the same table and tried her luck in Atlantic City – besides Las Vegas the US-American gambling Mecca.

Depending on the game, another rule says that the shooter loses as soon as the dice add up to 7. With any other sum you may keep on rolling the dice. That’s exactly where Patricia’s incredible run of luck laid: she simply didn’t get the sum on any of her dice. She simply kept on rolling until a crowd of people gathered around Patricia and were not badly surprised.

With each of her throws a 7 became more and more probable – so thought surely also the spectators, Patricia herself and not least also the casino. Unbelievable 154 throws her luck continued. This grandiose success is still a world record today! But how likely is this seemingly never-ending dice series? Only so much: unbelievably small. It is certainly much more likely to be struck by lightning…
How high the sum was, which Patricia won with her unbelievable luck is not handed down. Experts claim that Craps professionals could have won several million with it.

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Patricia was not the only successful woman in the history of gambling. Ever heard of Kitty Leroy, the infamous saloon owner? If not, you should read our blog post as soon as possible.