Women and gambling

General May 24, 2019 2:32 pm

How do you imagine gamers look like? Rather masculine, don’t you? But is that true – and how was it in former times? We started looking for answers.

In ancient times, playing was strictly separated by gender. In Egypt, for example, women were only allowed to play at home, while men were allowed to try their luck in public or on the street. Only on special days women were allowed to play outside the house. With the Romans, this rule was softened: Emperor Nero also allowed the ladies to play in public.

In the Wild West, women even competed with their male colleagues. At poker in the saloons they probably handled the poker face better than the cowboys.

If you think of an online gamer today, you probably think of a man first, don’t you? This assumption is partly justified. In Germany at least more men than women play in online casinos. Almost ten percent of men and three percent of women play online according to a survey.

And what do the ladies prefer to play? They actually use slots most often. Once they have decided on one or more games, they remain loyal to them, while men tend to be jumpy in their game choices.

By the way: Even clergymen are not immune to the charm of the casino: In the USA, in 2018 it came out that two nuns had embezzled half a million dollars over a period of more than ten years to finance their casino visits. However, as they were repentant and are willing to repay the money, they escaped prosecution.

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