The horseshoe – a lucky charm with some special challenges

General May 20, 2019 9:09 am

Another well-known lucky charm, which of course should not be missing in our series, is the horseshoe. Today most people don’t have much to do with horses, but in former times the elegant and strong four-legged animals were very important for the people’s mobility and field work. Also for the military horses were indispensable. The horseshoes protected the precious animals while strengthening their running ability at the same time. No surprise, then, that the horseshoe became a symbol of fortune in so many places. Even today, horseshoes made of metal, marzipan or plastic are still a popular gift.

Its positive effects are said to be manifold: The horseshoe not only protects against misfortune, but also against diseases, bad storms, ghosts, evil in general and even against the devil himself. Also in matters of love it is supposed to provide happiness.

But apparently there are some rules to be considered, so that its potential as a lucky charm can unfold. For example, it is important how and where the horseshoe is stored:
It is recommended to nail a horseshoe with only one nail to a house wall, directly above the front entrance. So it can fall on the devil’s head when he tries to get into the house. The superstitious, however, still do not come to a consensus regarding the alignment of a horseshoe. Many believe that the open part must show upwards, otherwise happiness could "fall out". In addition, it symbolizes a fountain that captures happiness. On the other hand, it is argued that a horseshoe in this position is similar to the devil’s horns. Others say that happiness can only flow out and protect if it points downwards. An inverted U can also be regarded as a "gate to happiness" or "protective arch". If you hang it up like the letter C, the horseshoe also symbolizes Jesus Christ. One can see that using the horseshoe as a lucky charm is a complicated matter. To cope with all these different perspectives it is probably best to hang three horseshoes.

By the way, a horseshoe is especially lucky if you find it by chance. Today this is of course very unlikely. Old hubcaps, meanwhile, can be found much more often – perhaps they also bring some luck.

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