Lucky charms: Little herald of spring

General May 10, 2019 11:18 am

Today we’ve got a new episode of our lucky charm series for you! And this time our focus is on an animal: The swallow. Why and to whom the songbird should bring luck, you’ll find out now.

Swallows (Hirundinidae) come from the family of sparrow birds, subordination songbirds. They can be found on all continents (even in the Arctic!), in Central Europe barn swallows, house and sand martins are most common. Characteristic for swallows is the long, thin swallow-tail, which is forked at the end, as well as the short beak and the little claws. Swallows mainly catch their prey in flight, mostly small insects.

Like many of our lucky charms presented here, swallows have a long tradition in this role. In antiquity they were even admired as holy – thus they were allowed to nest in temples and state buildings. Also in the Middle Ages one estimated the bird as herald of spring, because swallows from Central Europe spend the winter south of the Sahara and return only to the beginning of spring back into our widths. They were also popular as lucky charms: where they settled, people felt safe from lightning and fire. The insectivores also ensured that the stables were free of vermin and that the cattle remained healthy.

Swallows used to be welcome guests at houses and farms, but their lives are getting harder and harder. In order to avoid dirt, many homeowners remove their nests. Farmers are also afraid that swallows in their stables could no longer comply with hygiene regulations. Unfortunately, the overall population of these birds is declining.

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