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General April 26, 2019 10:04 am

Adventures, bonuses, free spins – Wunderino has them all. To keep track of all our offers, we’ll explain them to you. Today: Wunderino Tournaments

What is being offered and how do I participate in the Wunderino Tournaments?
Each day there will be a new Wunderino tournament where you can win various exciting prizes. The upcoming Wunderino tournament and prizes will be announced two days in advance.

You’ll be competing versus other Wunderino explorers in daily Wunderino tournaments simply by playing on your favourite games and hitting the highest single win multiplier of the day or most amount of big wins of the day.

There’s no opt in required, you’re automatically enrolled in the current day’s tournament the moment you place a minimum bet of €0.40 on any of our games and you can keep track of your current position via the Tournament-leaderboard.

What is a win multiplier and how do I win a Wunderino Tournaments?
A win multiplier is how many times larger your win is compared to your bet.

For example:
If you bet €1 and win €5 in one spin, your win multiplier of that game round is 5. If your bet was €0.50 and your win is €2, the win multiplier is 4.

To reach the top of the leaderboard you need to hit the highest single win multiplicator of the day. Your best score of the day will be saved and if you get an even higher score anywhere throughout the same day, your score will be updated accordingly.

The Wunderino tournaments are based on the win multiplier in relation to the bet size placed. Everyone will have an equal chance of winning and it’s fair for everyone regardless of the bet size you prefer to play with, as long as it meets the minimum required bet amount.

How does the Big Win Tournament work?
Whenever you hit a big win on any game, you’ll also receive 1 point on the leaderboard. The more big wins you get, the more leaderboard points you’ll collect.

A big win is classed as any net win that is 10 times (or larger) than your initial bet. Play on any of your favourite games with a minimum bet of €0,40 (or more) to automatically participate in the tournament.

How can I see where I stand in the Wunderino Tournament?
The top 20 prize winning positions and the current highest top 20 multiplier-scorer will be available at all times through to view via our Tournament leaderboard. You can view the current day’s leaderboard by clicking on the "read more" or plus-sign on the tournament area found on the start page.

Use the navigation arrows on the sides to view the two previous tournaments and the two upcoming ones. If you’re a mobile user, simply use the swipe-feature on the top banner.

What happens if there’s a tie?
In case two players have the same score at the end of a Wunderino tournament, the prize pool will be split between the two winners. Below you can find more information of how this works.

In case of a 1st place tie example:

Player 1: x350 single multiplier win of the day
Player 2: x350 single multiplier win of the day

Customers 1 and 2 will share the prize pool for the 1st and 2nd position. 3rd place will go to the 3rd highest scorer and so on.

Additional information on the Wunderino Tournament you can find here.

Let’s go!
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