AI in online casinos

General April 8, 2019 3:28 pm

You think artificial intelligence only developed in the past few years? Wrong! Already in the 1960s the AI won against the best checkers player in America at that time – more than 50 years ago! But of course the industry has changed rapidly, especially in the past ten years. And it has not stopped at casino games either.

In 2017, four professional poker players Jimmy Choe, Daniel McAulay, Dong Kim and Jason Les competed against a computer in Pittsburgh, USA. They played against the software called "Libratus" for almost three weeks – but still had to admit defeat in the end. The first time, by the way, that people lost Texas Hold’Em to an AI in the poker version – two years earlier a program was still defeated by the human players.

But how does the AI actually "know" how to play? Like us humans, the AI has to learn how the opponent behaves and how to win a game. The more games the AI has played, the more likely it is that it will be able to predict future moves correctly.

But don’t worry: In your online casino, you won’t be outsmarted by the computer – these systems are still in their infancy and often serve more for show or demonstration purposes. On the contrary, you can even take advantage of the AI’s possibilities and have your moves analyzed. The results can help you to improve your strategy and play more successful. In addition, your online casino can always suggest new games to suit your preferences. So your gaming experience will always be exciting.

At Wunderino there is no artificial intelligence, because we attach great importance to a fair game and equal opportunities for all. And by the way, we’re sure that our players will definitely be able to keep up with AI. So log in today and get our regular free spins and bonuses. Whether in the subway or at the kitchen table – it doesn’t matter, because with the app you always have Wunderino at hand. Simply download it to your smartphone and play Mobile Casino. We are looking forward to you!

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