Film: RUNNER RUNNER: Run away or cooperate?

General March 25, 2019 8:00 am

Whether in books, songs or films – luck or bad luck in the game is popular media content. That’s why we always have another tip for you in stock. Today: The movie "Runner Runner".

Richie Furst is studying mathematics – but he can’t afford the tuition fees, which is why he is making a plan. He wants to collect the money he needs through online gambling. He risks everything and it almost works, but in the last game his luck leaves him. Richie is smart enough to expose the system hidden behind the website by creating statistics about his deposits and winnings. With their help, he can prove that he was cheated. He decides to take the owner of the casino in Costa Rica to task. To his surprise, Richie not only gets the money back, but also an offer he can’t refuse.

The casino operator offers him a "guaranteed seven-digit amount in the first 18 months" when he works for him. Without thinking about that perhaps not everything goes according to the rules, he accepts the offer. Who wouldn’t? The FBI is already chasing Ivan Block – the owner of the online casino – and follows Richie’s footsteps. The agents try to persuade him to cooperate. He realizes what kind of situation he’s in. But will he follow his conscience or the law?

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