A perfect day for Wunderino

General March 18, 2019 11:06 am

Do you know what special day is on Wednesday? We tell you: the international day of happiness! Good mood is pre-programmed, isn’t it? In 2012 the UN has enacted this special day, on 20 March 2013 it celebrated its premiere. But why are the United Nations interested in happiness?

First and foremost, politicians want to stress that happiness is an important part of people’s well-being. Countries which, in addition to economic success, also have the happiness of their inhabitants in mind should be given special emphasis. A good example of this is the Kingdom of Bhutan, where gross domestic product is not measured as an indicator of economic success, but gross national happiness as a sign of the well-being of its inhabitants! Every few years the state asks its citizens for their opinion in order to derive political measures. For example, there are no more traffic lights (people were a little frightened by that) and no more plastic bags (because of environmental pollution) in Bhutan…

But not only politics celebrates this day – every single one of us is called upon to participate in projects on March 20 that promote education and togetherness. Because the personal well-being of each individual also depends on it. And yet happiness means something different to each of us: the warmth of the sun on your skin, spending time with your loved ones, taking a trip or enjoying your favourite meal. What is happiness for you personally?

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