Film: Now you see me

General March 8, 2019 8:32 am

Today there is a new film supply in our blog: Now you see me is a 2013 thriller by director Louis Leterrier, who also directed The Transporter and Clash of the Titans for example.

In Now you see me, four magicians perform together in Las Vegas under the name "The Four Horsemen" (following the Riders of the apocalypse from the Bible). They did the incredible coup: robbing a bank in Paris while they are in Las Vegas.
Apparently by chance, a spectator is chosen from the audience and teleported, equipped with a camera, to his bank in Paris. There he activates a suction system which sucks in the money and makes it rain on the spectators in Las Vegas. The investigating FBI agents are speechless – they have no proof that the magicians actually robbed the bank, as they stood on stage in front of thousands of spectators during the robbery. This incredible coup alerts the FBI. At the next show of the magicians three agents are sitting in the audience.

During the show finale, the Four Horsemen seem to transfer money from an insurance magnate to the spectators, who have previously been cheated of their payouts by the magnate. After Hurricane Katrina, their claims were either completely rejected or they received much less money than they were entitled to.

When the FBI tries to arrest the magicians, they can escape and hide in a safe house.

The FBI locates the hiding place and hunts the escaping magicians. During the chase, the agents receive documents that the Four Riders are after a vault filled with several million US dollars, which is located in the hall of a cash-in-transit company. To prevent this crime, the authorities plan to arrest the Four Riders at their next and last show. But will they succeed? We won’t tell you that, you’ll have to watch the movie…

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