The history of dice

General March 6, 2019 11:11 am

No symbol embodies the fateful game with luck as much as the dice. For thousands of years people have let the dice decide their fate. In casinos all around the world it has as much as power over their luck in the game. But the dice has a long history.

“Alea iacta est.“ – This Latin phrase is one of the most famous quotes ever. Literally it translates into: “the die has been thrown”. The Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar himself gave distinction to this sentence. On his way to Asterix and Obelix during the Gallic war in 49 B.C. he crossed the river Rubikon which also symbolized his announcement of war. Today we still use this phrase, when there is no turning back: The dice are cast.

For as long as the dice has been a part of the human culture, there have been new game inventions that utilize the dice as the central element. Surprisingly many games never came out of style. Especially in casinos gambling with dice is still number one choice.


Ever since dice games became popular amongst young and old, there have also been attempts to trick chance.

First of all there is the trick to place the dice skillfully in one’s hand and drop them carefully so that as often as possible they show the exact number of points one is hoping for. In order to prevent this fraud already during the Roman times, they invented so called dice towers. All you had to do is toss the dice into the top and the dice tower takes care of the rest.

The cheapest trick, however, is the double six or the missing one. Since one and six can never be seen at the same time, with careless players cheating is quite effective, if not very fancy.

But above all, it was the consistency of the dice which was "experimented" with. They were weighted with lead on one side, so it was more likely for the dice to roll onto the preferred side. These dice are also called “loaded”.

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