Doyle Brunson: The Poker Legend

General February 11, 2019 8:47 am

Doyle Brunson is said to be the biggest poker legend of all time. Not only because he was the first poker player ever to win a prize money over 1 Million Dollars, but also for his consistency in the following tournaments. He won the Main Event of the World Series of Poker twice, with his overall prize money in this league being well over 3 Million Dollars. Other tournaments like the Legends of Poker World Poker Tour proved his dominance, until he withdrew himself from any poker tournament in 2018, ending his career with standing ovations.

Brunson discovered his poker talent by an unfortunate coincidence. In his youth he was an aspiring athlete, but had to end his sports career due to a serious knee injury. Since then Brunson spend his time during his studies to optimize his poker game and was soon able to make a living with his earnings. Already in his early days Doyle was better known under his nickname "Texas Dolly" and was only to be seen with his one and only trademark, the cowboy hat.

He also made a name for himself as an author, releasing several books like “Super/System: How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker”, including an updated, second installment, which aims to give the reader an insight in the mind of a poker genius. He also wrote a book called “Online Poker: Your Guide to Playing Online Poker Safely & Winning Money”, which – as the title suggests – is entirely dedicated to online poker.

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Doyle Brunson is not the only gambling professional, who’s not only depending on his lucky streak, but gained his success with great perseverance and knowhow. Another online poker professional is Scott Blumstein. Read here how his poker play became so profitable.