Film: The Cooler

General February 8, 2019 10:52 am

Today we would like to present you another casino film: "The Cooler" from the year 2003, starring the unlucky Bernie Lootz. He has debts with Shelly Kaplow, who earns his money with (more or less legal) gambling in a casino in Las Vegas. To settle his debts, Lootz starts to works for Kaplow there.

During his work, Bernie falls in love with the waitress Natalie Belisario. Kaplow recognizes the chance to keep his golden ass Lootz in the casino and persuades Natalie to play Lootz the Great Love. Fun eventually becomes serious and the two become a couple.

Natalie and Bernie’s luck then spreads to all the casino players and suddenly everyone seems to be on a winning streak – much to the annoyance of Shelly Kaplow, of course, as his winnings collapse. Bernie on the other hand clears 150,000 dollars and wants to leave the city with Natalie and the money in his pockets.

Because of the declining income Kaplow finally gets into trouble with his backers and agrees to have the newly in love couple murdered, so the winning streak would end – at least that’s his hope. Natalie and Bernie finally leave the city and are persecuted by contract killers…

How’s the movie gonna end? Can the two of them escape the murderers or will everything end in a bloodbath? We won’t tell you that! Just watch the film and let yourself be surprised…

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