“The Gambler”: Good luck for good people

General January 29, 2019 4:39 pm

Maybe you think we’ve written about all the movies that deal with gambling – wrong! We always find one more. This time: "The Gambler".

Jim Bennett is highly in debt. He’s a college professor for literature and he has a Problem. His gambling addiction leads him to many high risk situations he has to overcome. Slow but steady he’s losing all of his belongings to the people he owes, but still manages to believe in that one moment which is going to change it all. His biggest Weakness? Blackjack. It is giving him everything he needs, but takes it from him at the same time. One last time he is asking his mother for money. He loses. Again.

His situation seems hopeless but one of his students named Lamar has the means to save him. Bennett can convince him to purposely only do 8 points at his next Basketball Game, while he and the people he owes money make a bet on him. Jim is Lucky, Lamar only scored 8 points. Now it’s all down to one moment. The money he won is just enough to be even with one of the bad guys. Bennett is putting it all on black, and guess what? His luck is unbelievable and he gets away with a black eye.

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