Casino: From country houses to gambling places

General December 21, 2018 6:57 am

What do you have in mind when hearing the word casino? It is gambling, right? That is correct, but the term casino is actually of Italian origin and means “tiny house” or “country house”. Nowadays, the term is often used to describe a facility which houses certain types of gambling activities. The casino also lends its name to a classic card game, a cocktail on gin-basis, a French supermarket chain, an electric guitar as well as a special salsa dance style. In Australia, 726 kilometers north of Sydney, there is even a city named Casino.

Casinos then and now

Roots in Venice

The origins of the term casino can be traced back to the Venetic language. Therewith gathering places and leisure facilities used to be described. Casinos were places for socialising and offered music, games and fun. Quickly the term developed as a synonym for gambling houses. In 1638, the first public gambling house of Venice opened its doors, the Casinò di Venezia. The famous casino still overlooks the Canale Grande and welcomes its guests in historical halls. Meanwhile, casinos can be found across the globe.

The world’s first casino

A casino that matches your taste

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