3D experience in online casinos

General December 17, 2018 8:04 am

3D printers are making their way into many industries: Music industry produces instruments, start-ups build entire motorcycles and there are initial plans to produce a jet suit for people. The big boom is still to come. In the digital world, on the other hand, the third dimension has been indispensable for some time now: PC and console games are becoming more and more complex and lead players into a true-to-detail depiction of reality or fantasy worlds. Virtual reality glasses allow players to dive into other dimensions.

The function is now also conquering online casinos. How? For example, a 3D slot could lead you into the underwater world. If you manage to win, a digital rain of coins could pour over your head. The new effect would make the casino game almost palpable.

But what if you want an adventure right now? Wunderino is your partner! Blackjack, roulette, slots and table games come already in a huge variety of topics. Underwater, up in the sky or in the world of Game of Thrones: Wunderino has everything you’re dreaming of. With the Wunderino app you always have your online casino with you. Download the app on your smartphone and start playing mobile casino. Via PayPal you have a safe and secure way of paying and you always have a look at your deposits and winnings. Our special for you: frequently bonuses and free spins!

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