Oh, how joyfully! The Wunderino Christmas season has already started

General December 6, 2018 10:29 am

Just play your favourite games as usual and face the different challenges of the day. When you’ve mastered all of them, you’ll get a point for the Christmas season race. The player with the most points wins the main prize of 3.000 Euros at the end of the season.

Booster Days: On 9th of December it’s epic Sunday!

Look out for the golden packages – they mean it’s Booster Day! On a Booster Day you can win even more rewards, bonuses and tournament prizes. On Sunday is the next Booster Day. On this day you can earn 500 Euro in the Wunderino tournament. Get the highest hit in one of your favorite games.

The Jackpot will be rewarded on New Year’s Eve

Check in every day to make sure you don’t miss any presents. The main prize will be on New Year’s Eve! Because if you master all the challenges of the day, you’ll not only get one point for the Christmas Season tournament, but also a Gingerbread Yeti.

The Gingerbread Yeti

A Gingerbread Yeti is equal to a lottery ticket for our sensational Wunderino New Year’s Eve lottery. If it snows on New Year’s Eve in Berlin, the lottery winner will take home the incredible amount of 100.000 Euros in cash! If no white flakes fall on December 31st in Berlin, ten participants still win a share of the 20,000 Euro prize pool. The more tickets you have, the more your chance of winning increases. So start right away and collect the sweet Gingerbread Yetis!

Full winnings – all year long

It is not only at Christmas time that it’s worth playing at Wunderino. In our online casino, winnings await you 365 days a year. Whether Roulette, Blackjack, Live Casino, Poker or Slots – play whatever you like! If you want, you can also play comfortably on the go with the practical Wunderino app. With just one click you’ll get your mobile casino on your tablet or smartphone! With PayPal you can safely manage your bets and winnings. Regular free spins and bonuses are just as much a part of it as gingerbread and cookies at Christmas time.