How to play Poker: Texas Hold’em explained easily

General November 30, 2018 7:08 am

"Texas Hold’em" is the most popular poker version. The rules are so simple that even beginners can play it. Before each round, a first bet, also called blind, must be placed. Afterwards every player receives two cards. If the player decides, he’s having good cards, he places his second bet.

Poker rules: The betting rounds in Texas Hold’em

In the next round, called "The Flop", the dealer puts three cards visible to all players in the middle of the table. Players, who does not raise their bet, leave this round and lose the money they placed before.

This round is followed by "The Turn", in which the fourth card will be placed face up on the table. Again, all players increase the stake, equal it or get off the round. The fifth card will be shown at the round called "The River". The players place their bet or leave the round.

Poker: Not only the cards, but also the bluff is decisive

Every player has to create a beneficial poker hand out of the five cards laying on the table and the two cards on their hand. A poker hand is made out of five cards. Therefore you have different possibilities. You have to decide whether you go with

  • all five open cards on the table,
  • both of your personal cards and three cards on the table or
  • one of your personal cards and four cards on the table.

Afterwards the players show their cards to each other. The highest hand wins the jackpot. Sometimes a player bets so high that all other players get off. For this move, the winner does not even need to have the best hand, he can simply be a good bluffer.

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