Three reasons why roulette is also called “The Devil’s Game”

GamesGeneral November 19, 2018 8:02 am

Actually it was a coincidence that roulette was invented in the 17th century. The French mathematician and physicist Pascal Blaise was building a Perpetuum Mobile, a machine that gains energy on its own. The first roulette wheel was created as a side product of his research.

However, there are some persistent rumors stating that Blaise had made a pact with the devil and thus became the inventor of the roulette game. The creepy name "The Devil’s Game" or "Devil’s Wheel" goes back to another fact: summing up all the numbers of the roulette wheel, the result is the legendary number of the devil: 666. A third reason why Roulette is called the “Devil’s Game” is, because it regularly sends its players – or their wallet – proverbially to hell.

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