The ups and downs of the history of gambling – casinos then and now

General November 5, 2018 3:57 pm

Around 3000 B.C. gambling was popular, too. While dice games were popular in antiquity, card games probably developed during the Middle Ages. At that time, however, gambling was considered reprehensible and strictly regulated: who is allowed to play, at what time and where gambling takes place, was predetermined. Until the modern era, there were countless prohibitions and obstacles.

The reason why casinos are mostly found in spa towns

It was only under the rule of Napoleon that gambling in Germany was completely legalized. At that time the first German casinos were built – Bavaria was a pioneer with Baden Baden, Wiesbaden and Bad Ems. However, the profits of the casinos had to flow into the embellishment of the places, which is why today almost all large casinos can be found in spa towns.

In 1872 casinos were completely banned in Germany and were only able to reopen their gates in the Third Reich – Adolf Hitler himself was an enthusiastically casino player.

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