Three roulette stories you won’t believe

General August 20, 2018 12:40 pm

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games – especially because of its simple rules. To impress your friends during your next casino visit, we tell you three unbelievable roulette stories.

1.3 million pounds in less than 15 minutes
Mike Ashley is a british billionaire, who broke a special casino record. He won more than one million pounds in not even one hour. His strategy: He placed 40 single bets with a value altogether of 480,000 pounds on the number 17, where the ball actually stopped. After 15 minutes he left the casino – with 1.3 million pounds.

All or nothing
The Briton Ashley Revell was gambling with its motto “All or nothing”: He sold all his belongings – even his clothes – to put the whole amount of 135,300 US dollar on the colour red at a roulette table in an American casino. He was lucky and won 270,600 US dollars to build up a new life. His successful story was even the base for the TV series “Double or Nothing”.

The biggest roulette scam of all times
For 20 years, Francis Farrugia, Francesco Baioni und Frank Camilleri made several millions of US dollars by cheating during games of roulette all over the world. Their trick was super simple: Two of them distracted the croupier, while the third one put higher valued chips on the winning numbers. With faked IDs and different costumes they made to fool the casinos all over the world for a very long time. Only in 2011, the last one of the three crooks were caught. All of them got away with suspended sentences and lifelong casino bans.

Roulette at Wunderino
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